Specializing in Opaline and Color Mutations 

Granada Hills: Bird -A-Fair  

11128 Balboa Blvd.

Granada Hills, Ca. 91344.

English Budgie Show's (TBD)

BSA show, August 12th in San Pedro

August 29, 2017

Northern California Budgie show

Pacheco, Ca.

August 26, 2017

Camp Verdi Show


September 2, 2017

Bird Fanciers of San Diego

San Marcos, Ca. 

Arizona Budgie Club

Utah Budgie Club

Saturday Nov. 4, 2017

Williams, Utah

Sunday , November 27, 2017

Bird Mart Pomona Fairground

Show winners don't just happen. It takes a well-bred, pure pedigree Lovebird or Exhibition Budgie to rise to the challenge. My objective is raise and offer some the best in the lower 48 states.

Hector's Opaline Lovebirds & Exhibition Budgie Aviary / The Original SoCal birds

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Clubs I'm affiliated with:

Great Western Budgie Society

San Gabriel Valley Budgie Society

American Budgie Society

San Diego fanciers Budgie club

        Breeding mutation - lovebirds / Budgies

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Coming from only the best and finest of bloodlines, I breed my birds for show exhibition standards. With careful attention to pedigree bloodline, I ensure the finest qualities are bred into my bloodlines. Breeding starts as soon as our birds reach 12 to 14 months' I firmly believe hens should not be allowed / set up to produce at a young age to avoid developing bad habits due to being immature. 
Lovebirds Aviary has been a cornerstone of Southern California since transitioning in 2010 from breeding Australian Grass Parakeets. I've been breeding and raising Top end birds for over 50 years in rare species and mutations in the United States. I produce Top bloodlines from selecting only the best birds to produce rare colors or combination phenotype from the start; all colors and combinations posted are my birds. I do have close friends with top end birds that I incorporate with mine from time to time. I take great pride in my process selectively breeding my birds. Quality birds posted either on social media or web sites out of California are bloodlines with origins from my friends or me. Exhibition Budgies being added aren't my bloodlines, They come various champion breeders in the lower 48.
Exotic Bird expo

​, 2017 in Anaheim, Ca.

1500 S. Anaheim Sport Center

July 9, Santa Rosa

July 16, Bakersfield

July 30, Arizona (American Sports Center)

September 16, Las Vegas (Aliante Casino Hotel)