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I no longer ship; but will consider it case by case. Only 3 mid-level remaining, also selling 20 Top end breeder pairs. I'm refining my program and will keep very few pairs. After loosing so many top quality birds and babies after moving from my home of almost 30 years. I had to repurchase my blood line from breeders I sold to which cost me a sum. But sadly I've lost the drive to continue breeding the way I've done in the past. I plan on keeping the best of the best now that I've re-established by bloodline. I will continue welcoming breeders or novice to come by with-in California, Neighboring states or when visiting California and view my collection. 

I eliminated my original site except Domain reroutes here.http://opalinelovebirds.com/

I'm working on adding photos and sectioning them for your viewing pleasure to see my progress through the years dating back to 2010 or so under Gallery page.

I have one of the cleanest bloodlines in the lower 48. I've worked last year selectively breeding blues and pallid and added couple of bird's to diversity bloodline. Posting of True blue in white face in Opaline, Cobalt, Edge dilute, blue turquoise, violet pied, recessive pied, turquoise, violet, blue or phenotype combinations will be upon availability. I've sold my gray wing mutation to concentrate developing pallid and recessive pied. My blood line is an established one that I've worked since 2004. I could have done what others done and bought high end birds from another breeder. However that would not be my bloodline being worked, It would be theirs being worked.

About myself: I selectively breed to produce some the best birds within the Continental United States. I currently have 43 of the best mid-level to high end. But as noted above; mid level along with high end pairs to eventually end up with only 18 pairs. I'm driven to offer and produce top notch birds; I have a difficult time having enough of them on hand as I'm not into quantity like other breeders. I produce very low numbers to not compromise quality. But after 50 years of breeding birds and a divorce; I've begun traveling and visiting my friends in Northern California and nearby states as often as I can. In order to continue and accomplish my buckets list; I have to reduce my collection. Once I've accomplished it and clear of pending divorce. I plan to begin visiting friends internationally as I've had them waiting for past 2 years.

My program is focused on White face' White Head Opaline Violet in Blue series. Bronze Fallow have been sold. True Blue (which in reality is selectively bred turquoise), Dominant pied in Violet, Turquoise, blue turquoise, Recessive turquoise pied, blue and violet, Pallid, violet Edge Dilute, White Face Lutino and red headed Opaline in addition to phenotype combinations in single and dark factor Opaline or split to Opaline.  

​If you’re just starting and not familiar with Opaline; There's visual Red, Orange, White, Yellow and Apricot colored heads including a wide range of colors. You may view some of my breeders pairs for reference by clicking tab for breeder or babies pages. Apricot is the result of white face violet crossed with aqua. These two mutation should never be crossed as they're not compatible, results will be having babies with dirty foreheads (apricot)

​From time to time I'm asked for input on bird's bought from another breeder. I don't discuss birds purchased from another breeder as it's unprofessional and unfair to comment not knowing genetic make up. I also receive calls and emails to assist in locating birds; however this is not practical for me, My Objective is to sell my stock which is the same objective any other breeder's has. Searching and locating birds is not Ideal for me. I will gladly give out some of my friends numbers who also have top end birds so you may contact them directly. If you’re interested in buying basic entry bird's? I don't have raise or have them. I will gladly help anyone with input and pairing. I love to help as this a hobby for me. I'm old school; I was taught to teach by breeder's who have since past away.

​I could add links or even write paragraphs and whole chapters on breeding and pairing's, but anything I could add is available on web through lovebird forums, you tube and bird club web sites. If you like to know how to hand feed? you tube has wonderful video's on it. 

​To protect my birds and collection, any new bird acquired to incorporate into my blood line is quarantined for 30 to 60 days. However this happens very rarely. If there's one thing that bothers me is breeders not knowing what PBFD is. PBFD is an infectious disease past on by an infected bird. It can spread by feather dust, birds eating from same seed bowl, etc. It's not a flu or a cold. There's no known cure! That's why its so important to have any new bird tested for it. Once its in, its in. This is where a breeder must stop breeding and not sell any birds until all test negative. Those testing positive should be destroyed (Euthanize'd) Adult birds over 2 two years old are not affected for some reason. It mostly affects babies, young birds up to year and half. Some birds will make a full recovery for reasons unknown. Those that do, are immune and will pass on immunity to it off spring. So be careful and research PBFD.

Local buyers are welcomed to come by appointment. I will continue to welcoming those from within California, neighboring states or when visiting from other parts of the country. My method is breeding some pairs while the other's are resting. Bird's are a strict hobby. I have a normal job.

​ If you're confused and seeking information on mutations or combination breeding results? Visit ALBS, Mutavi group or regional club web sites. Dirk Van den Abeele has a wonderful site I encourage all to visit. I enjoy birds and retain some birds until they molt to verify color from pairing for future breeding which may take up to 2 years before their bred.

For purchase or inventory inquiries: 1 (323) 313-8367 (Cell)
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