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Welcome to my site: I'm shutting down my original site. Domain will will be linked to reroute here. http://opalinelovebirds.com/
I have one of the cleanest bloodlines in the lower 48. . I'll be posting true blue in white face and Opaline, some edge dilute, blue turquoise, violet pied, recessive pied in turquoise or violet and phenotype mutation combinations. I also have Gray Wing which is the latest mutation developed in peach and is an outstanding looking bird. In my opinion is a better bird than Albino and has more possibilities when cross breeding with other existing mutations.
​To start my bird's are selectively bred to obtain some of the best birds within the Continental United States. I have 40 of the best to offer the best. Because I'm driven to offer top notch birds; I also have a difficult time having enough of them on hand. I'm not into quantity like a bird farm. I produce very low numbers to not compromise quality.

I was planning on giving my original site a face lift also but I've decided to eliminate it keeping only domain and linked it to this site.

​My pairs have matured enabling me to offer high quality pedigree birds. Unfortunately I also eliminated some mutations to concentrate on certain mutations and colors rather than a variety. Just click on available pictures to view current breeder's inventory. Since late 2013 I didn't have birds to post as not all birds had matured since just about 98% of my original birds were lost due to unfortunate circumstances. My new blood line is comprised of Opalines in white headed / white face, Lavender and other rare color mutations and combinations in limited numbers. Call or text to verify available birds on hand.   

​My program is focused on White face often referred to as clear face in White Head Opaline Violet and Blue series. I've also added rare Bronze Fallow (Fallow's not available at this time), True Blue, Dominant pied in Violet, Turquoise and blue turquoise, Recessive pied in turquoise, blue and green series, Pallid (Australian Cinnamon), White Face Edge Dilute, White Face Turquoise, White Face and Red Headed Lutino Opaline and phenotype combination in single and dark factor Opaline or split to Opaline.  

​If you’re just starting and not familiar with Opaline; They can be visual Red, Orange, White, Yellow and Apricot colored heads including a wide range of colors. You can also view some of my breeders pairs for reference by clicking link to my breeder or babies pages. 

​If I do sell a producing breeder pair; they will be posted when available. However, I can definitely make up pairs in color or mutation(s) of choice as it can be a year before breeder pair's are available. From time to time I'm asked for input on bird's bought from another breeder. I've made it a rule of thumb to never discuss birds purchased from other breeder's as it's unprofessional and unfair to comment not knowing genetic make up. I also receive calls and emails to assist locating birds. My Objective is to sell my stock which is the same objective any other breeder's has, I will not entertain these requests. I'm a straight shooter and will say so right from the start. If you're bothered by this? don't ask. Searching and locating birds is not ideal and suggest I not be contacted or asked to. If you’re interested in buying basic entry bird's, I don't breed,raise or have any more as noted. My basic birds aren't that basic as most if not all are carrier's of genetic's to produce high end mutation's as I've invested a great deal in the past years.

​I've added some links; I could add more links or even write paragraphs on breeding and pairing's, but any thing I would add is available on web through lovebird forums, you tube and more. If you like to know how to hand feed? you tube has wonderful video's on it. 

​I don't colony bred; my pair's are housed separately to obtain the best results possible in Peach Face (Roseicollis) variety. Pairs are selected by genetic makeup to produce clean blood lines and to obtain top quality birds in select color's or mutation combinations. To protect my birds and collection, any new bird acquired to incorporate into my blood line is quarantined for 30 to 60 days. However this happens very rarely.

​I do not ship outside lower 48, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam or International. I recommend a third party to handle purchase and import / export logistics.  

Cashier’s checks, money order's or personnel checks are welcomed for out of states buyers, local buyers are welcomed to come and select by appointment when birds are available. Some bird (s) may not be posted as available due to being reserved in advance or as it becomes available has been pre-ordered. I've always raise bird's in very low numbers to control quality and plan to lower numbers even to concentrate on Bronze Fallow. I have a normal job, bird's are strict hobby.

​ If you're looking for information on mutations or combination breeding results? It's readyly available on the internet or by visiting ALBS, Mutavi group and regional club web sites. Dirk Van den Abeele has a wonderful site I encourage all to visit. I enjoy birds and retain birds until they molt to verify color from pairing results. Those birds meeting my expectations will become breeders at some point. Those that don't will be offered for sale. But even the bird's not meeting my requirements are of superb quality not found or available by other breeders.

Because of past experience I only place bird(s) on reserve without deposit to allow payment arrival. I also don't accept Paypal under any circumstances. I reserve the right to sell locally, to not reserve, sell or ship if buyer's not in good standing.    
For purchase or inventory inquiries:1 (323) 313-8367 (Cell)
​E-Mail me @ hraigosa@msn.com or hraigosa@gmail.com


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